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SoSu Lashes Gigi Multipack

SoSu Lashes Gigi Multipack

Sexy and sophisticated, these lashes easily blend into your natural lash line. Gigi lashes are hopelessly romantic, with a captivating dark side, that will make you cheat on your mascara.


Length, volume and curl, these lashes tick all the boxes.


✦ Feather light with an invisible band

✦ Easy application and an undetectable finish

✦ Completely cruelty-free

✦ Lovingly handmade from 100% human hair


Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.


Please Note: Glue is not included – purchase your SOSU Cosmetics Brush On Eyelash Adhesive here.




1. Remove lashes from the tray using SOSUbySJ Tweezers 

2. Measure the lash against your natural lashes & trim the lash from the outer edge.

3. Apply a thin layer of SOSUbySJ Lash Glue to the band & leave to dry for a minute to get tacky (If the glue is too wet it will slide around the eye).

4. Apply the lash to the centre of the eye using SOSUbySJ Tweezers, then carefully set the inner and outer corners into place.

5. Squeeze the false lash with your natural lashes to get is as close to the natural lash line as possible.


NOTE: Glue not included – purchase your SOSUbySJ Lash Glue here

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