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Skingredients Skin Veg Hydrating + Brightening Pre-Serum 02 (free cleanse off mitt with purchase)

Skingredients Skin Veg Hydrating + Brightening Pre-Serum 02 (free cleanse off mitt with purchase)

Skin Veg (45ml) is your super juice pre-serum that’s powered by fruit + veg extracts galore to tick off your skin’s 5-a-day. Expect instant hydration station with long-term benefits (hello brighter + plumper skin!) after your skin slurps up Skin Veg’s replenishing recipe.

It’s enriched with hyaluronic acid, a humectant hero that attracts + retains moisture, a pro-collagen peptide to diminish fine lines + wrinkles, and a polyhydroxy acid (PHA) to assist deeper penetration of the serums that follow. That’s all combined with fruit, veg + botanical extracts to arm skin with an antioxidant defence, which counteracts the harmful effects of free radicals.

Veg + fruit you ask? Turns out our body and skin are pretty similar – they both require protein, good fats, vegetables + fruit to source the amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids needed to function at their best. We added PHA to the mix, a second-generation alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), for a dash of exfoliation that’s gentle enough for every day.

Our ultra-lightweight + skin-soothing Skin Veg is the 02 in the KeyFour. A hydrating, brightening pre-serum + penetrant enhancer that helps your rock star ingredients sing, it’s suitable for all hoomans in the AM + PM. A face, neck + eye serum in one, apply from the nipples up or mix a healthy dose into your foundation to reveal instant skin luminosity – ooh-la-la!


Rock star ingredients:

• Clinically-proven pro-collagen peptide: reduces the depth + appearance of fine lines, wrinkles + “drinkles” (aka wrinkles caused by dehydration)

• Sodium hyaluronate: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to instantly + deeply hydrate the skin SKINGREDIENTS PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS

• Gluconolactone: a PHA (polyhydroxy acid) to assist product absorption + gently exfoliate the skin for rock star ingredients to show their true talents

• Fruit + veg extracts: soothing, nourishing + antioxidant in nature – the skin is an organ® and should be treated as such

• Liquorice root extract: a brightening botanical ingredient + antioxidant


Who It’s For:

• All hoomans – regardless of skin type, including mamas-to-be

• Dry or dehydrated skin – say “hiya” to hyaluronic acid

• Irritated, flaky, red skin – free from fragrances + drying alcohols, it’s full of skin-soothers

• Oily or congested skin – non-comedogenic and anti-inflammatory, your skin craves moisture too

• Those looking to tackle fine lines and wrinkles – with antioxidants + a pro-collagen peptide, you’re sorted

• Those seeking healthy-looking, balanced skin – it'll hydrate + improve skin clarity

• Dry, dehydrated, dull eye area – it's an eye serum too, so bring it around your peepers

How to Use

1. Use daily, AM + PM, after cleansing.

2. Apply 1 pump prior to your other serums or moisturiser for a quick shot of dewy goodness.

3. Smooth into skin from the nipples up, including around the eye area and the neck. HOW TO REFILL How To Refill: After falling in love with 02® (aka the green one) and using every last drop

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