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Sculpted by Aimee Liquid Lights Liquid Bronzer Warm

Sculpted by Aimee Liquid Lights Liquid Bronzer Warm


A matte liquid bronzer that subtly sculpts the face, delivering warmth and definition with a natural finish.

Why You’ll Love It

● Beautifully blendable for effortless application

● Formulated to melt into the skin for subtle definition

● Layers seamlessly on top of cream, liquid, and powder formulas

● Works beautifully without foundation for a sun-kissed glow

Warm Bronze: A medium- warm bronzer that blends seamlessly on light to medium skin ones for a more chiselled effect.

Key Ingredients:

Formulated with Squalane to promote hydration and luminosity.

The One Thing:

Easy-to-use liquid bronzers that sculpts seamlessly.

How To Use:

Twist as you pull the applicator to open gently. Then, using the tip of the applicator, dot the bronzer onto the hollows of the cheeks, around the hairline and lightly down the sides of the nose. Blend seamlessly with a brush or with your beauty blender. A little goes a long way.

Aimee’s Top Tip:

Dot the bronzer into your cheekbones, around your hairline and to the sides of your nose.

Buff and blend into skin using the angled end of our Perfecting Duo Brush for effortless contouring.


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