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Ordo Sonic Lite Electric Toothbrush Stone

Ordo Sonic Lite Electric Toothbrush Stone

The Ordo Sonic Lite Toothbrush has been value engineered with in-house dentists and product designers, to offer some of the key features from our Sonic+ toothbrush at an even more affordable price. Still offering a premium clean and stylish design.

Perfect for those new to electric brushing or those looking to brighten up their routine and their smile.

With 35,000 sonic pulses per minute and two bespoke brushing modes, it ensures effective plaque removal and promotes healthier, whiter teeth.


35,000 sonic pulses

2 brushing modes

5+ weeks Li-ion battery

Smart 2-minute timer

Quad pacer

Waterproof design

USB-C charging 

Travel Friendly 

Suitable for dental work 

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