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Celtic Candle Apothecary Revive

Celtic Candle Apothecary Revive

Established in 1993, Celtic Candles is a family run Irish business directed by James and Gerry Stewart, a father and son team who have a passion for producing top quality products. The handmade and hand-poured products are 100% plant wax, vegan friendly and cruelty free. Their packaging is made from recycled paper and the glass used is both recycled and recyclable, so you can enjoy these beautifully fragrant candles guilt-free!


Revive is a blech of citrus fruits and a hint of ginger. Perfect for using in Kitchens and busy spaces.


Made from 100% plant wax


Made with a unique blend of soy, palm and rapeseed.


Each tumbler will burn for up to 45 hours.


Burning clean with no waste.

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