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Bbold Strawberry Mousse Dark

Bbold Strawberry Mousse Dark

Super Mousse is infused with Aloe Vera which contains Vitamins A, E and C so your skin will love it just as much as you! 

This limited edition formula is enriched with Pentavtin which provides instant, deep hydration and generates a moisture reservoir that lasts for 72 hours, ensuring that your tan looks better for longer.

-Strawberry Sorbet Scent
-Golden Glowing Results
-Enriched with PENTAVITIN®
-Infused with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
-Instant Guide Colour
-Fades Evenly
-Vegan & PETA Approved

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How to look after your gut

You are what you eat.

As well as taking a probiotic, eat a diet high in insoluble fibres - brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread, fruit and veg, pulses, nuts, lentils and beans.

And drink plenty of water!

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