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Bahama Juicy Lip Balm Lychee

Bahama Juicy Lip Balm Lychee

This high-shine, glossy lip balm can be worn daily to leave your lips with a soft,  and a tint of colour.

Indulge in the delicious, fruity scent of the Lychee. This luxurious Shea Butter & Hyaluronic Acid formula provides hours of hydration for super juicy & soft lips!


Apply to lips when they need an extra boost of hydration throughout the day or apply at bedtime as an overnight treatment.


Intense Hydration: Formulated with super-hydrating ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Mango Seed Butter & Shea Butter, this lip balm is a rich source of fatty acids providing intense hydration & a soothing effect to your lips.

Softens and Smoothens: This balm helps soften and smoothen the texture of the lips, making them feel supple & hydrated for hours! They can help texture on rough or flaky lip surfaces, especially during dry or cold weather.


Hydrogenated Polyisobutene,Diisostearyl Malate,Polyisobutene,B

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You are what you eat.

As well as taking a probiotic, eat a diet high in insoluble fibres - brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread, fruit and veg, pulses, nuts, lentils and beans.

And drink plenty of water!

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