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Zooki Collagen 30 Sachets

Zooki Collagen 30 Sachets

Support your skin from within with high strength, hydrolysed marine collagen you'll actually look forward to taking; providing targeted support for your skin, cartilage and
Take one sachet daily - it can be sucked from the wrapper, dissolved in water or in smoothies. 
Collagen supplements are associated with several health benefits and very few known risks. Supplements may increase muscle mass, prevent bone loss, relieve joint pain, and improve skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness.
Zooki comes 'Lipid-wrapped' meaning natural lipids are shielding the collagen throughout digestion
What are natural lipids?

‘Natural lipids’ are how we refer to the layer of essential phospholipids that surround the nutrients in all Zooki products.

We wrap nutrients in the very same lipids that are found in the walls of your cells. These bodyguards form protective shields around the nutrients which deliver them directly into your system. So it all goes to where it should be. 

Each sachet of Collagen Zooki contains a mighty 5000mg of lipid-wrapped hydrolysed collagen - and we can promise it’s the nicest collagen supplement you’ll ever taste!

Take one sachet daily for targeted support, and just like everything, consistency is key to seeing results

Zooki is collagen in a sachet. Because it is not in a tablet form, it has no binders or filler, has all  natural ingredients, is in a liquid formulation and tastes really well. It is also a high dose formulation.

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How to look after your gut

You are what you eat.

As well as taking a probiotic, eat a diet high in insoluble fibres - brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread, fruit and veg, pulses, nuts, lentils and beans.

And drink plenty of water!

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