Living Well Campaign - Safety at Home

Living Well Campaign - Safety at Home

Every year in Northern Ireland, 17,000 people are hospitalised due to avoidable accidents at home. Unfortunately, 2 people die every week in NI due to an accident at home.

The most likely person to have an accident at home is some one under the age of 5, over the age of 65, or vulnerable members of our society, such as people with learning difficulties. 

'Falls' is the most common type of ALL accidents in ALL ages. People over 65 generally have accidents relating to falls, whereas those under the age of 5 are also likely to have accidents relating to choking, suffocation, poisoning, scalds and burns. 

As well as causing unknown human suffering, preventable accidents at home put huge stress on the NHS.


Pharmacies in conjunction with the Public Health Agency, The Health and Social Care Board and Community Pharmacy NI are trying to promote safety within your home. Your local pharmacy can give you leaflets outlining how you can make your home safer. 

For elderly patients we recommend you get rid of anything that could cause you to trip or fall - ill fitting mats and low lying tables for example. If you have a small pet that might trip you up, it may be appropriate to ask someone else to mind them, or get them a bell to wear around their neck so you can hear them. Sometimes, you may have to rely on a family member or neighbour to bring in fuel for you, or fetch you shopping in bad weather. You should also have a fire alarm, a carbon monoxide alarm and a panic alarm.

In houses with young children, stair gates, plug safety devices and cupboard locks are essential. Door jammers to prevent a door slamming are also useful. Household cleaning agents, and washing powders should always be kept out of reach of children.

Did you know your local council can do a free Home Check for you?

If you have children under the age of 5, or an elderly family member > 65 years, you can avail of a free home check for your home. They can provide you with stair gate extenders, carbon monoxide alarms, corner cushions, table edges, reach aids free of charge

If you would like more information, call into your local pharmacy, contact your local council, or click on the links below


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